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Type : Online (Trainer Guided)

Platform : SGS

Language : Vietnamese

Cost : Please contact SGS USD (US Dollar)

Examination : Yes

certificate : Yes

Started at : 08 Dec 2023

Ended at : 08 Dec 2023

Attendance to the course is permitted only upon payment and approval from the training provider.

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For enquires relate to this course, please contact : www.sgs.com

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Course description

This training is a practical follow-up to the ZDHC CMS Framework Training. It provides in-depth guidance on the ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions and how to practically use them. It explains the minimum requirements of CMS implementation and contains case studies and practical examples for inspiration.

Having followed this training, you will have learned how to:

  1. Create a policy document that outlines the commitment (statement) of the Supplier’s leadership and includes procedures and practices adopted for purchasing, transparency, and traceability of chemicals used
  2. Transform that policy into a strategy as part of implementing a chemical management system
  3. Conduct assessments of a supplier's regulatory compliance, chemical hazard and risk, supply chain partners’ capabilities, and safer alternatives
  4. Implement health & safety actions for chemical exposure control, PPE, and emergency response procedures for all staff
  5. Manage a Chemical Inventory List (CIL) and SDS to make informed purchasing decisions, promote responsible chemical use, increase traceability, simplify chemical handling decisions, and control disposal costs
  6. Ensure safe Storage and Handling procedures for chemicals purchased
  7. Use tools to manage Output with respect to wastewater, sludge, air, and solid waste outputs. This will reduce pollution and support Process Control to ensure proper implementation of a CMS through holding and controlling records and documents, incidence management, general maintenance, and housekeeping
  8. Work on Continuous Improvement practices such as conducting a CMS review, internal or external audits, and improvements in identified areas, including onsite training

Contact us for course registration: Hà Thị Diễm - Diem Ha (Ms.)

Phone: +84 28 38 160 999 (Ext. 140) Mobile: +84 77 301 9561 Email: Diem.ha@sgs.com