ZDHC Top 10 Best Practice Training

2 days

Course details

Type : Online (Trainer Guided)

Platform : Leadership and Sustainability

Language : English

Cost : 220 USD (US Dollar)

Examination : Yes

certificate : Yes

Started at : 08 Dec 2023

Ended at : 09 Dec 2023

Number of available seats : 14

Attendance to the course is permitted only upon payment and approval from the training provider.

Training Provider


For enquires relate to this course, please contact : www.leadership-sustainability.com

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Course description

Webinar training provided by Leadership & Sustainability. Trainer: Dr. Nilesh Kanoongo Textile Technocrat with over 14 years of experience in the textile, system implementation, laboratory set up, sustainability in textiles, process optimization, chemical management, trainings, consulting etc. He is a lead auditor for ISO 14001: 2015. He is also a Higg FEM verifier chemical specialist and a ZDHC trainer associated with Leadership & Sustainability and has experience in implementing and improving sustainability initiatives for many different organizations.

Dates: December 8th & 9th 2023 - Each day 10.30am to 13.30pm IST (+5:30 GMT)

Agenda – Session 1

  1. Introduction and expectations of the participants Input Control Issues:
  2. Issue No. 1: Internal purchasing policy to ensure ZDHC MRSL compliance
  3. Issue No. 2: Qualified Chemical management team leaders
  4. Issue No. 3: Documentations permits and verification
  5. Issue No. 4: Understanding the MSDS
  6. Issue No. 5: Ability to understand and build a chemical inventory
  7. Questions & discussion
  8. End of webinar

Agenda – Session 2

  1. Recap of Session 1 Process Control Issues:
  2. Issue No. 6: Knowledge of chemical separation/ segregation
  3. Issue No. 7: Chemical storage and on-site management
  4. Issue No. 8: General training in chemical management
  5. Issue No. 9: PPE implementation and maintenance Output Control Issues:
  6. Issue No. 10: Capability to identify where WEF hazardous chemical test report results originate in the factory from chemicals
  7. Questions & discussion
  8. Closing and feedback survey (electronic survey)

Presentation After each webinar, the presentation deck will be made available to all participants. Each learning session will be followed by interesting activities.

Cancellations Attendees will be responsible for the full cost of training if a Notice of Cancellation is given less than 2 working days prior to the day of the webinar. Furthermore, Leadership & Sustainability reserves the right to reschedule any webinars if the number of participants does not meet the minimum criteria. Registrants will be informed about any such eventuality well in advance. Please enquire with ramya.kandiyoor@leadership-sustainability.com for any clarifications.