Introduction to ZDHC E-Learning for ZDHC Signatories


This introductory training is a self paced e-Learning for brands, suppliers and others, to learn more about the ZDHC Foundation and the Roadmap to Zero programme. It covers ZDHC as an organisation and focuses extensively on the ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions and how they support the implementation of a Sustainable Chemical Management System at the manufacturing facility.

target audience

This structured self-guided e-learning is tailor-made for ZDHC Signatory brands, suppliers and others who are interested to learn more about ZDHC. No chemical background or prior certification is needed to attend the training as it is designed for learners with different backgrounds.


There are no pre-requisites for this training. However at this point in time you can only participate in the training when you are nominated by a ZDHC Signatory Brand. Are you interested in this training and not a part of a ZDHC Signatory Brand? Please go to the Open Introduction to ZDHC E-Learning.


  1. A self-paced online introduction course
  2. There are no pre-requisites for doing this training
  3. After completing the e-learning, learners fully understand ZDHC and will be ready to plan their ZDHC journey
  4. The e-Learning is available in several languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian and Portuguese

course curriculum

The course consists of 10 Modules. All modules are related to what the ZDHC Foundation is, what the Roadmap to Zero Programme looks like and how all the ZDHC Guidelines and Platforms are linked together and support implementation at the facility level. The last module shares 5 scenarios a supplier or brand can fencounter while starting the implementation of the Roadmap to Zero programme.

The Introduction to ZDHC e-learning consists of the following modules:

  1. Training Scope 
  2. ZDHC Introduction
  4. ZDHC Guidelines
  5. ZDHC Information sources
  6. Implementation Platforms
  7. ZDHC Gateway 
  8. Supplier Platform
  9. Next Steps  
  10. User Journeys

learning objective

  1. What the ZDHC Foundation is and how it started.
  2. What the ZDHC CMS is.
  3. Which guidelines have been developed by ZDHC.
  4. Where to find the right information to start your implementation journey.
  5. Which platforms to use for your implementation journey and how they link to the ZDHC Guidelines.
  6. Know exactly how to start your implementation journey and if not, which questions to ask yourself to be able to start the journey.


The e-learning is easy and flexible. Training videos can be watched in your own time and is backed up by a selection of downloadable training content. The training is offered 24/7 and can be started at any day. Each module takes 10-20 minutes you can therefore complete this training within two hours. However, the entire training needs to be completed in 6 weeks, including the final examination. After that, you will be provided with a ZDHC Certificate.

A certificate is valuable as it can be shared with partners, customers, brands and retailers. We encourage you to share the certificate via LinkedIn so it will be an added value to your career development. Once you have received the certification you can strive towards becoming an expert on ZDHC within your own organisation by undertaking more training courses on the ZDHC Academy.

Are you interested in this training and not a part of a ZDHC Signatory Brand? Please go to the Open Introduction to ZDHC E-Learning.

similar training

There are several levels of training offered in the ZDHC Academy. The training you are taking is at the starter level. If you are a supplier who has already done another training, you will have gathered more than enough knowledge, so this training would act as a refresher. For those that would like to grow more in their role, multiple training courses are offered on 3 different levels. For more information please visit the ZDHC Knowledge Base.

Upcoming courses

This course is not yet publicly available, please contact ZDHC Academy via for further information.