Introduction ZDHC Programme Roadshow- Italian Webinar Series


ZDHC organised a series of webinars in Italian in spring to provide an in-depth understanding of the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme. Whether you are a brand, retailer, supplier, chemical formulator, solution provider, or association, you can participate in one or more of these specialised webinars, regardless of your familiarity with the ZDHC Programme. These webinars are presented in Italian.

target audience

Brand, retailer, supplier, chemical formulator, solution provider, or association


No pre requisite is necessary for this course.


An easy way to get acquainted with ZDHC in local language.

course curriculum

A series of separate Italian Webinar modules:

  1. Roadmap to Zero Introduzione
  2. ZDHC Gateway Introduzione
  3. ZDHC MRSL V3.0, ChemCheck & InCheck Solutions
  4. ZDHC Supplier Platform
  5. ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines, Clearstream report & Azioni Correttivi

Note these webinars are not a full ZDHC Training. They are an introduction to our implementation guidelines, tools and solutions.

learning objective

After reviewing these webinars you will have a better understanding about the ZDHC Guidelines, platforms and solutions. It will support you with getting insight in which tools and guidelines fit you best.

Once you have planned your journey, follow up training about the implementation of the Roadmap to Zero Journey can be followed via the ZDHC Academy Platform.


The session aims to offer attendees a comprehensive introduction to the ZDHC Gateway. It will cover how the platform can be utilised by brands, suppliers, and chemical formulators, as well as the associated benefits. The target audience includes individuals who have not yet used the platform or those who are currently using it but would like to ensure they are utilising all available functionalities.

similar training

ZDHC Academy provides several different training topics that serve as a follow up to these webinars. Have a look at the training curriculum of the following courses: ZDHC CMS Framework Training ZDHC CMS TIG Training ZDHC Wastewater Management Training

Upcoming courses

This course is not yet publicly available, please contact ZDHC Academy via for further information.