Chemical Management System implementation at SETTAVEX S.A. (EVLOX) Morocco

Project Attribute

  • Project Initiative: MED TEST III, part of the regional EU-funded SwitchMed programme
  • Project Timeline: 2021 - 2022
  • Project Beneficiaries: SETTAVEX S.A (EVLOX)

Project Overview

With an annual production of premium denim, ranging between 12-13 million meters, SETTAVEX S.A. (EVLOX) is one of Morocco’s leading denim producers. The main drivers for joining the project were improving brand relations and better responding to rising regulatory agendas in the main export countries.

Prior to the project, EVLOX’s purchasing policy and a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for wastewater and effluent treatment plant were absent. In addition, their chemical inventory list wasn’t aligned with the ZDHC Guidelines. ZDHC Approved Solution Provider UL Solutions provided training and consultancy, based on the ZDHC Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guidelines (ZDHC CMS TIG). This resulted in a significant overhaul of EVLOX’s chemical management system.

Through this project, EVLOX was able to:

  • Establish an effective chemical product management system in line with the ZDHC CMS TIG requirements, in which its policy governs from the point of purchasing chemicals all the way to disposal of chemical packaging.
  • Improve the compliance visibility of the chemical formulations by encouraging their chemical suppliers to register their products onto the ZDHC Gateway.
  • Implement hazard evaluation of chemical products, which led to the substitution of high-risk hazardous chemicals.
  • Improve the handling of chemicals and reduce the quantity of chemical storage in the facilities.
  • Enforce the use of Personal Protective Equipment by their employees.
  • Establish a SOP and install a flow meter on the effluent treatment plant.

“Thanks to UNIDO project, we have new tools to show our ZDHC commitment to brands, such as ZDHC Training Certificates, Supplier to Zero Certificate (Foundational Level) and ZDHC ClearStream. We made a step forward to improve and build existing and new customer relationships, which is key to our future.”

Khalid Kairouch, Production Manager

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