ZDHC CMS Framework Training for Brands and Retailers

Course details

Type : Online (Self Guided)

Platform : Nimkartek

Language : English

Cost : 75 USD (US Dollar)

Examination : Yes

certificate : Yes

Registration Open Date : From (01 Jan 2024) To (31 Dec 2024)

Attendance to the course is permitted only upon payment and approval from the training provider.

Training Provider


For enquires relate to this course, please contact : https://notes.nimkartek.com/

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Course description

NimkarTek’s E-learning Program on Introduction to ZDHC CMS Framework for Brands and Retailers is particularly designed for Brands and suppliers to provide an overview on how ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions can support Brands and their Suppliers in implementing a Sustainable Chemical Management. The training will enable Brands to Gain a better understanding of the ZDHC CMS Framework and learn how to engage with Suppliers for Sustainable Chemical Management implementation. The importance of a Sustainable Chemical Management System at facility level will also be explained in this training.

The Program is run entirely online in the form of an interactive 60 minutes long E-learning Course. Participants have 15 days to complete this training.

The training is self-paced and online so it is entirely up to the participant to manage their own time to ensure they finish the course content within 15 days from the Launch.

Course Objectives

• To understand the importance of sustainable chemical management in the textile, footwear and leather industry.
• To get a broader understanding of ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms & Solutions and the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme for implementing sustainable chemical management.
• To gain a better understanding of the ZDHC CMS Framework and the related requirements for the supply chain.

Registration Process –

  1. Interested Learners must sign-up for this Course on ZDHC Academy.
  2. NimkarTek will send the NOTES login credentials to the respective participant.
  3. Participants can login to their NOTES Account and purchase the Training using a Credit Card/Debit Card or through Bank Transfer. (ZDHC Certification fee is included in the training charges)
  4. Once the course has been purchased the participant can login to their NOTES account and Launch the training from My Courses tab.
  5. After completing the training, participant must take the Exam on the ZDHC Academy. Participants will be given 2 attempts to achieve the benchmark score of 75% which is required to obtain the ZDHC Academy Certificate. NimkarTek NOTES Platform Terms and Conditions apply.


NimkarTek For Bookings, please contact us at – adminnotes@nimkartek.com NOTES Platform Link - https://notes.nimkartek.com/