ZDHC Top 10 Best Practice Training


The ZDHC Top 10 Best Practice Training allows you to gain more in depth knowledge in Sustainable Chemical Management in the textile, footwear and leather industry. It provides a deep dive into ten frequent occurring issues related to Sustainable Chemical Management. The course focusses on best-practice and knowledge sharing and is foremost looking for practical solutions to industry challenges.

target audience

The target audience for this training is the chemical management team of the facility, e.g. EHS Managers, ETP Managers/Technicians, Product Quality Managers, Operations Managers, Chemical Experts, Purchasing Managers, Chemical Storage Managers.


This course has a pre requisite. The learners have either completed the course ZDHC CMS Framework Training, ZDHC CMS TIG Training or have proven knowledge or an operational background in chemical management in the textile, footwear and leather industry.


  • Get informed about practical solutions
  • Get inspired by trainers and peers
  • Deepen your knowledge in Sustainable Chemical Management issues and how to approach them

course curriculum

Input Control Issues 1.Internal purchasing policy to ensure ZDHC MRSL compliance 2. Qualified Chemical management team leaders 3. Documentations permits and verification 4. Understanding the MSDS 5. Ability to understand and build a chemical inventory Process Control Issues 6. Knowledge of chemical separation/segregation 7. Chemical storage and on-site management 8. General training in chemical management 9. PPE implementation and maintenance Output Control Issues 10. Capability to identify where wastewater hazardous chemical test report results originate in the factory from chemicals

learning objective

By following this training, you will have:

  1. Reviewed together with your trainer 10 frequently identified issue areas when working towards a holistic and effective Chemical Management system
  2. Reviewed non-recommendable practices in the 10 frequent issue areas and discuss the best practice solutions to these issues
  3. Discussed practical case studies that serve as good examples in your day to day practices on the factory floor
  4. Had the opportunity to discuss practical issues with your pears and exchanged ideas about tackling these issues
  5. Had a good follow up on the previous Chemical Management Course by diving deeper into the 10 topics with practical support


This training is a practical follow-up to the ZDHC CMS Framework Training. It provides in-depth guidance on the ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions and how to practically use them. It explains the minimum requirements of CMS implementation and contains case studies and practical examples for inspiration.

similar training

There are five levels of training offered in the ZDHC Academy. The training you are taking is at an intermediate training. If you would like to take a other ZDHC related training about the implementation of the CMS TIG or Wastewater Management we advice you to have a look at our advanced training offer.