ZDHC Basic Wastewater Management Training


This Beginner training is a practical training to improve knowledge and understanding of Wastewater Management. It provides a high level overview of the what and how of wastewater treatment as well as shortl introduction of the ZDHC requirements in relation to the ZDHC Wastewater & Sludge Guidelines.

target audience

The ZDHC Wastewater Management Training has been developed for the Factory Workers just starting in the field of Wastewater Management, Factory Management wishing to learn more about Wastewater Management, Brand and Retailer teams.


There is no prerequisite for this training.


  • Refresher to get you back up to speed about the what and how of wastewater management
  • A high level introduction that will enhance your knowledge and can improve communication between brands and their suppliers.
  • A good first step before taking the more in-depth ZDHC Wastewater Management Training.

course curriculum

  1. Introduction to ZDHC
  2. ZDHC Tools and Guidelines
  3. Introduction to ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  4. Effluent Treatment Plants
  5. Reporting and monitoring on Wastewater
  6. Sampling
  7. Root Cause Analyses and Corrective Action Plan
  8. Call to Action

learning objective

The learning objective of this course is to gain basic knowledge about wastewater treatment plants so to improve your communication and give you confidence to take first steps in the field of wastewater management.

Upcoming courses

This course is not yet publicly available, please contact ZDHC Academy via support@zdhc.org for further information.