ZDHC Supplier to Zero Reviewer (Version 1.0)

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The "Supplier to Zero-reviewer" exam is designed for reviewers, focusing on their proficiency in assessing the implementation of Chemical Management Systems (CMS) as per the ZDHC Supplier to Zero requirements.

Note: This is an exam only course

How Does This Work?

The entire course needs to be completed in 6 weeks once you have accepted the invitation, including the final examination. After which you will be provided with a ZDHC Certificate.

This are the steps you need to take:

  • Accept the invitation that was sent to you via email.
  • Sit the exam. To pass, you will need to score at least 75% (maximum 2 attempts)
  • Download the ZDHC Academy certificate

There is a document control number on the certificate, and you must quote this number when you submit the Verified InCheck report to the Gateway Customer Support Team.

A certificate is valuable as it can be shared with partners, customers, brands and retailers. We encourage you to share the certificate via LinkedIn so it will be an added value to your career development. Once you have received the certification you can strive towards become an expert on ZDHC within your own organisation by undertaking more trainings on the ZDHC Academy.

target audience

For individuals who are working for ZDHC Approved Solution Providers which are approved to the “ZDHC Supplier To Zero Review” category. These individuals should:

  • Have prior on-site audit or consultancy experience in Chemical Management System
  • Have a good understanding of the ZDHC Chemical Management System Framework and Technical Industry Guides.

Note: Leaner must be nominated by their employer, which is an Approved Supplier To Zero Reviewer, via the Solution Provider Platform


Leaner must be nominated by their employer, which is an Approved Supplier To Zero Reviewer, via the Solution Provider Platform

learning outcome

This exam is designed to tests the reviewers' the following aspect,

  • Understanding and application of the review process, ensuring they can conduct detailed and accurate reviews of a facility's CMS.
  • The ability to verify facility self-assessments against the ZDHC CMS Framework, encompassing systematic, independent, and documented processes.

By mastering these skills, reviewers ensure the credibility and accuracy of the reviews, aiding suppliers in achieving the ZDHC’s mission, thus enhancing environmental and worker safety standards in the industry.

course curriculum

There is an exam only course. There is no training curriculum. However, it is expected that exam participants have an in-depth understanding of the ZDHC CMS Framework and TIG.

Upcoming courses

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