New ZDHC Basic Wastewater Management Training Launched

ZDHC Academy is thrilled to announce that the new ZDHC Basic Wastewater Management Training is now available on the ZDHC Academy Platform.

Training Overview

From October 2023, the ZDHC Basic Wastewater Management Training becomes available. This is an excellent and exciting opportunity for manufacturing facilities and brands who would like to learn more about wastewater management and its basic principles of the treatment operation.

This training covers a range of fundamental topics including:

  • Introduction of the latest ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines and its interpretation
  • Fundamentals of root cause analysis and developing corrective action plan
  • Overview of market available wastewater treatment technologies

Taking the Next Step

Are you ready to take the next step? Click here to find out more about the training and upcoming training courses.

Looking for Higher Level Training?

For those who are already engaged with more advanced wastewater management, the ZDHC Academy also offers

  • Advanced level wastewater management training that focuses on the ZDHC wastewater guidelines, the requirements and how to interpret them
  • Wastewater Operator Training - Level 1, which focuses on the practicality of operating a wastewater treatment plant.