ZDHC Advanced Wastewater Management Training (Version 2.0)


This advanced training is a practical training to improve knowledge and understanding of Wastewater Management. It provides in-depth guidance on the ZDHC Wastewater & Sludge Guidelines and how to implement them, including a high level introduction to sampling and testing requirements and how to implement them. Learn more about the principles of conducting Root Cause Analysis, implement Corrective Action Plans and how to treat Sludge.

target audience

The ZDHC Wastewater Management Training has been developed for Supplier Management, the Chemical Management Team, the Sustainability Team, Wastewater Treatment Operators (at the entry level) and/ or Compliance Team members.


There are pre-requisites for this course. To be able to follow the course successfully prior chemical management knowledge is a must.


  • Allows to manage one of the key output streams of a facility effectively, by understanding the principles and the expectations of the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  • Get inspired by effective implementation on Wastewater management via discussions with your fellow learners & industry peers

course curriculum

  1. Introduction to ZDHC
  2. ZDHC Guidelines and Implementation Tools
  3. ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  4. Sludge Treatment
  5. Wastewater Sampling Requirements
  6. Sludge Testing Requirements
  7. Reporting of Wastewater Test results
  8. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  9. Call to Action

learning objective

  • Understand the content and the scope of the latest ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  • Understand the basics of the Wastewater and Sludge Testing Requirements.
  • Understanding the difference between the current version of the ZDHC Wastewater Management Guideline and the previous version
  • Understanding how to report the test results.
  • Ability to apply Root Cause Analysis and make a Corrective Action Plan


This training is a practical follow-up to the ZDHC CMS Framework Training. It provides in-depth guidance on the ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions and how to practically use them. It explains the minimum requirements of CMS implementation and contains case studies and practical examples for inspiration.

similar training

There are five levels of training offered in the ZDHC Academy. The training you are taking is at an advanced level. If you would like to take more general courses in CMS, we advise to register for our ZDHC CMS TIG training. Hands on training about CMS TIG implementation with practical guidance!