ZDHC Advanced Wastewater Management Training (Version 2.0)

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This advanced training offers practical insights to enhance knowledge and proficiency in Wastewater Management. Participants will receive comprehensive guidance on implementing the ZDHC Wastewater & Sludge Guidelines, including on sampling and testing requirements. The course also focus on a high-level introduction to principles behind Root Cause Analysis, Corrective Action Plans, and sludge treatment.

target audience

This course is intended for the following team within the suppliers:

  • Chemical Management Team
  • Sustainability Team
  • Compliance Team
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators (as an entry level training)

learning outcome

Upon completion of this course, participants will acquire the following competencies:

  • Effectively manage a key output stream of a facility by comprehending the principles and expectations outlined in the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines.
  • Develop a foundational understanding of Wastewater and Sludge Testing Requirements.
  • Distinguish between the current version of the ZDHC Wastewater Management Guideline and its predecessor.
  • Master the process of reporting test results.
  • Apply Root Cause Analysis and formulate effective Corrective Action Plans.

course curriculum

This course contains the following 9 key chapters

  1. Introduction to ZDHC
  2. ZDHC Guidelines and Implementation Tools
  3. ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  4. Sludge Treatment
  5. Wastewater Sampling Requirements
  6. Sludge Testing Requirements
  7. Reporting of Wastewater Test results
  8. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
  9. Call to Action

Upcoming courses

Online (Self-Guided): Learners are able to take training independently on an online learning platform provided by our Approved Training Provider. Upon completion of the courses to take an exam and receive your certificate (if eligible).

Hybrid: Training provider will be hosting this training in a range of different medium, this can be a mix of online and in-person training. See specific course details or contact your training for more information.

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Online (Trainer Guided): Learners are expected to attend this training at a specific date and time specified by your trainer provider. Training will be conducted via an market available online meeting software such as Zoom or Microsoft Team.

In-Person: Learners are expected to physically attend this training at a specific date, time and location specified by your training providers.

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