Wastewater Courses

Are you looking to advance your knowledge and skillsets in wastewater treatment specifically within the textile, footwear and leather industry? Do you struggle with implementing this knowledge in your workplace or supply chain? Look no further than ZDHC Academy's wastewater courses. Our courses are based on a range of guidelines documents, such as:

  • ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  • ZDHC Wastewater Treatment Technologies (Reference Book)
  • ZDHC Wastewater Treatment System Operator Minimum Qualification Guidelines

We provide learners with practical examples of implementation and offer courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced operator. Both online and in-person training options are available.

ZDHC Basic Wastewater Management Training

This training introduces participants to the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines & Sludge Guideline as well a...


ZDHC Advanced Wastewater Management Training (Version 2.0)

This advanced training offers practical insights to enhance knowledge and proficiency in Wastewater...


ZDHC Wastewater Treatment System Operator Qualification Training Course - I : Basic Physical/Chemical Treatment

This course aims to provide the necessary understanding and skill sets to in regards to the principl...