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ZDHC Academy

Key training platform to build knowledge on sustainable chemical management

For the textile, apparel, leather and footwear industry, the ZDHC Academy is the key platform to create awareness, learn and develop skills on sustainable chemical management and the ZDHC guidelines, platforms and solutions.

‍The ZDHC Academy platform offers in-person, online courses and self paced E-Learning, as well as ZDHC introduction and implementation webinars. All in-person and online courses are provided by ZDHC Approved Trainers, who are carefully selected and assessed by the ZDHC Academy team.

Our aim is to unlock and share knowledge within the textile, apparel and footwear value chain to optimise the implementation of sustainable chemical management worldwide, while creating an enabling environment in which better chemistry leads to the protection of life, land, air and water.

Offers and benefits:

Our training aims to reach all parts of the value chain: brands, chemical suppliers, manufacturers and other relevant stakeholders to understand and adopt the basics as well as best practices for a holistic sustainable chemical management system.


Aligned understanding of sustainable chemical management and its' industry expectations.

Ability to meet these expectations through a shared, living ecosystem of trainers, learners and industry peers.

Encouragement of collective adoption and implementation of ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions.

Reducing negative business, human and environmental impact throughout the value chain.

Strengthening confidence in building a sustainable chemical management system within your organisation.

Globally recognised training courses, open to the entire industry



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Approved Training Providers (ATPs)

Foundation of the ZDHC Academy

The ZDHC Academy is based on the following elements

Global Acknowledgment

The ZDHC Academy is globally acknowledged throughout the industry. The trainings are held worldwide and in local languages by ZDHC Approved Training Providers. All learners receive a certificate after passing the official ZDHC exam.

ZDHC Academy


Training is provided by approved trainers with extensive industry and training know-how and regional expertise. Approved Training Providers must prove that they have years of training experience in the textile, apparel, leather and footwear sector.

ZDHC Academy


A final exam takes place after each training. Participants who pass the exam receive a certificate of completion. The certificate can be shared with partners, customers, brands and retailers. It is valid for two years.

ZDHC Academy

Who is the ZDHC Academy for?

The ZDHC Academy is a resource for brands, facilities, Approved Training Providers and those interested in the sector


For facilities, the training provides the opportunity to improve knowledge and skills in sustainable chemical and wastewater management. The trainings are aimed at factory managers who are responsible for dyeing, printing, chemical purchase, ETP, EHS, quality assurance and sustainability or working in a similar function in the textile and footwear industry. Facilities can also organise training for the staff of their facility, either on-site or off-site.


The training courses are aimed at brands' supply chain partners to enhance their know-how, awareness, and expertise in sustainable chemical and wastewater management. Brands are encouraged to invite their supply chain partners to visit the ZDHC Academy and register for the training courses according to their training needs. Brands can also organise training for their supply chain partners together with the ZDHC Academy team and the ATPs.


For Approved Training Providers (ATPs) the ZDHC Academy is the platform for organisation and administration of their training sessions. The ZDHC Academy coordinates the workflow of the trainers and manages the training participants. The trainers provide training in local languages and on-site, as well as in customised online courses. The ATPs can market their training offers on the ZDHC Academy, present and showcase their trainers and receive feedback from the training participants.


Everybody who is generally interested in learning more about sustainable chemical and wastewater management! The Academy is open to everyone working in the textile, footwear and leather industry as well as students, policymakers and consultants.

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