ZDHC Basic Wastewater Management Training

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This training introduces participants to the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines & Sludge Guideline as well as their expected implementation. Additionally, this course provides you with an insight of common technologies that is used in a commercially available effluent treatment plant.

target audience

This training course is catered for:

  • Factory workers just starting in the field of wastewater management,
  • Factory management wishing to learn more about wastewater management,
  • Brands & retailers who want to understands the basic mechanism of wastewater management

learning outcome

Upon successful completion of this course, you will:

  • Attain an understanding through a high-level introduction, fostering improved knowledge and communication between brands and their suppliers.
  • Acquire high level understanding of ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines, supporting documents and their implementation expectation
  • Obtain fundamental knowledge about wastewater treatment plants, empowering you to enhance communication and instil confidence in taking initial strides in the field of wastewater management.
  • Gain the confidence and communication skills necessary for your entry level position into wastewater management.
  • Establish a solid foundation, making this course an excellent preliminary step before embarking on the more comprehensive ZDHC Wastewater Management Training.
  • Benefit from a refresher that swiftly brings you up to speed on the essentials of what and how in wastewater management.

course curriculum

This course contains the following key chapters:

  1. Introduction to ZDHC
  2. Overview of ZDHC Tools and Guidelines
  3. Introduction to ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines
  4. Effluent Treatment Plants Overview
  5. Reporting & Monitoring on Wastewater
  6. Wastewater & Sludge Sampling
  7. Root Cause Analyses & Corrective Action Plan
  8. Next Step After Training

Upcoming courses

Online (Trainer Guided): Learners are expected to attend this training at a specific date and time specified by your trainer provider. Training will be conducted via an market available online meeting software such as Zoom or Microsoft Team.