ZDHC Wastewater Treatment System Operator Qualification Training Course - I : Basic Physical/Chemical Treatment

Course details

Type : Online (Self Guided)

Platform : TÜV SÜD

Language : English

Cost : 400 USD (US Dollar)

Examination : Yes

certificate : Yes

Registration Open Date : From (01 Jan 2024) To (31 Dec 2024)

Number of available seats : 9985

Attendance to the course is permitted only upon payment and approval from the training provider.

Training Provider


For enquires relate to this course, please contact : https://www.tuvsud.com/en-in/services/training

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Understand the fundamental principles of wastewater treatment systems, especially in the textile industry. Demonstrate basic physical/chemical treatment as required by the ZDHC Guideline. Enhance your skillset as proficient water and wastewater treatment plant operator. Manage problems that may arise during wastewater treatment.

Course description

ZDHC published Wastewater Treatment System Operator Minimum Qualifications Guidelines in February 2021 for competency requirements for water treatment plant operators. The ZDHC Guideline intends to establish standardized minimum expectations for operators' and technicians' education, training, and experience tasked with operating wastewater treatment systems at manufacturing facilities that support the footwear and apparel industries.

This Guideline applies to each facility that owns and/or operates one or more wastewater treatment systems to treat industrial, domestic, or a blend of industrial and domestic wastewater, whether or not the treatment system is located on their property. Operators need to demonstrate their level of qualification through an exam administered by ZDHC and are expected to renew their qualifications every two years. Wastewater treatment system operators and technicians should have adequate qualifications and be adequately trained to meet the expectations of the ZDHC Wastewater Guideline and regulatory compliance. It is expected that only qualified operators will be permitted to operate and maintain wastewater treatment systems


  • Wastewater treatment operators who operate one or more wastewater treatment systems to treat industrial, domestic, or a blend of industrial and domestic wastewater
  • People seeking to build a career as a water and wastewater treatment plant operator
  • Operators who expect to demonstrate their level of qualification through ZDHC examinations
  • Facilities that want to continue with their existing ZDHC approval or new facilities seeking ZDHC approval
  • Basic work experience in the operation of effluent treatment and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Participants with some basic knowledge of physics, chemistry and numeracy would be an added advantage.

Important: You are required to complete the 12 modules of online (self-guided) ZDHC level 1 course in order to be eligible to take the ZDHC qualification examination. Register here for the training course with TÜV SÜD via https://www.tuvsud.com/en-in/store/academy-in/sectors/textile/1036-ZDHC-wastewater-treatment-system-operator-qualification-basic-physical-or-chemical