ZDHC MRSL Verified InCheck - Level 1 (Version 1.0)

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This is a self-study e-Learning course, which is design to guide learners in understanding the the ZDHC InCheck Verification. It highlights key elements of technical and practical considerations before, during and after the service is provided.

The course includes what verification methodology you should apply as a verifier and the interpretation of each checkpoint. In addition, it covers what the verification outcome means to the suppliers, so you can elaborate on this at the end of the on-site verification.

How Does This Work?

The entire training needs to be completed in 6 weeks, including the final examination. After which you will be provided with a ZDHC Certificate. The 6 week timeframe starts from the moment you accept the course.

These are the steps you need to take:

  • Accept the invitation that was sent to you via email.
  • Follow the training
  • Sit the exam. To pass, you will need to score at least 75% (maximum 2 attempts)
  • Download the ZDHC Academy certificate

There is a document control number on the certificate, and you must quote this number when you submit the Verified InCheck report to the Gateway Customer Support Team.

A certificate is valuable as it can be shared with partners, customers, brands and retailers. We encourage you to share the certificate via LinkedIn so it will be an added value to your career development. Once you have received the certification you can strive towards become an expert on ZDHC within your own organisation by undertaking more trainings on the ZDHC Academy.

target audience

This training course is for learners who would like to become an InCheck Verifier.

Note: The company which you work for must be an ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier and must nominate you to take this training via the ZDHC Solution Provider Platform

learning outcome

Upon completing this course, you will

  • Become an ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier if you meet the training and certification criteria
  • Be granted permission to conduct ZDHC Verified InCheck - Level 1 with our certificate and access to the ZDHC On-Site App.
  • Aquire understanding to the ZDHC InCheck Verifier programme, it expectation and guidelines interpretation
  • Gain practical knowledge on how prepare and conduct on-site verification
  • Understanding reporting requirements and expectation

course curriculum

This is a self-guided online training programme, which are divided into 5 different modules.

  1. Course Introduction
  2. What is ZDHC Performance InCheck and Verified InCheck?
  3. Scope and basic criteria of Verified InCheck - Level 1
  4. Planning and conducting on-site verification - Level 1
  5. Next Step: ZDHC On-Site App

Upcoming courses

Upcoming available courses have not been planned in at the moment, contact ZDHC Academy via support@zdhc.org for information.