Webinar ZDHC MMCF Guidelines 2.2 & MMCF Module V2.0


The ZDHC MMCF Guidelines V2.2 addresses integrated expectations for discharged wastewater quality, emissions to air, and chemical recovery for manufacturing facilities producing man-made cellulosic fibres.

The complete set includes:

  • ZDHC MMCF Responsible Fibre Production Guidelines V2.2• ZDHC MMCF Wastewater Guidelines V2.2
  • ZDHC MMCF Air Emissions Guidelines V2.2

The ZDHC MMCF Guidelines V2.2 should be implemented as one guideline because the outputs from the production process of fibres cannot be seen as standalone outputs.

These three documents provide guidance for an aligned industry approach. With this set of documents, ZDHC appeals to its contributors and the entire MMCF industry to improve the quality of discharged industrial wastewater and production-related emissions to air.

ZDHC expects also to support the transition of the production of MMCF towards a circular approach by proposing recovery rates for substances such as sulphur, sodium sulphate, NMMO, ammonia, copper and acetone.

This document does not include requirements for the process of converting wood to dissolving pulp for MMCF fibres and the work to add this process to the scope of the guidelines, as well as the publication date, is yet to be defined.

target audience

Manufacturing facilities producing man-made cellulosic fibres.


The objective of the ZDHC MMCF V2.2 guideline is to address the expectations for: • Process chemical recovery rates • Wastewater environmental impact in terms of load per tonne of fibre or filament produced • Best practices in production of MMCF

The feedstock in scope for production includes, but is not limited to, wood and bamboo, and covers outputs proceeding from the dissolving of fibre and filament for the following MMCF fibres: • Viscose staple fibres (VSF) • Modal staple fibres • Viscose filament yarn (VFY) • Lyocell • Cuprammonium rayon (cupro) • Cellulose acetate (acetate)

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