ZDHC CMS Framework Training for Brands and Retailers


This beginner-level training provides an introduction of what the ZDHC Chemical Management System (CMS) Framework is, the requirements of a Chemical Management System and its' implementation at the facility level. It explains why an effective CMS Framework is important for a supplier and how you can support your suppliers during the implementation phase. In addition, the training gives an overview on how ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms and Solutions can support this journey.

The training does not focus on how to practically implement a ZDHC CMS Framework. To learn more about the actual implementation of the ZDHC CMS Framework we would like to refer to the ZDHC CMS TIG training, also available on the ZDHC Academy Platform.

target audience

The ZDHC CMS Framework Training for brands & retailers has been developped for the general management of your company, the sustainability team, the purchasing / sourcing team and product development team.


  • Understand the ZDHC CMS Framework and gain an overview of ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms & Solutions which support the ZDHC CMS Framework implementation at facility level.
  • Get inspired on effective ZDHC CMS Framework implementation in the supply chain via discussions with your fellow learners and industry peers.
  • Get advice on how to engage with your Suppliers on Sustainable Chemical Management implementation.

course curriculum

The course consists of 6 sections:

  1. What is ZDHC?
  2. Introduction of the ZDHC CMS Framework.
  3. ZDHC CMS Implementation requirements
  4. ZDHC CMS Framework Preparation and Planning.
  5. ZDHC CMS Framework Review and Updates.
  6. Next steps: How to Implement the ZDHC CMS Framework.

learning objective

  • To understand the importance of sustainable chemical management in the textile, footwear and leather industry.
  • To gain basic knowledge on how sustainable chemical management can be developed, through the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme.
  • To get a broader understanding of ZDHC Guidelines, Platforms & Solutions.
  • To gain a better understanding of the ZDHC CMS Framework and the related requirements for the supply chain.
  • To get inspired on effective implementation, with trainers and peers in your (virtual) classroom.


How does it work?

The ZDHC CMS Framework Training for Brands & Retailers is offered via in person training or online guided training depending on the service provider of your choice. Make sure to read carefully what the methodology is of the session you sign up for.

The entire training needs to be completed in 2 weeks (accept for self passed E-Learning), including the final examination. After which you will be provided with a ZDHC Certificate.

  • Register for the training course via the ZDHC Academy
  • Follow the training and fill in the feedback survey
  • Pass the exam with minimum 75%
  • Download the ZDHC Academy certificate

Note: private training for your company is also possible

A certificate is valuable as it can be shared with partners, customers, brands and retailers. We encourage you to share the certificate via linkedin so it will be an added value to your career development. Once you have received the certification you can strive towards becoming an expert on ZDHC within your own organisation by undertaking more trainings on the ZDHC Academy.

similar training

There are five levels of training offered in the ZDHC Academy. The training you are taking is at the beginners level. The Introduction to ZDHC E-Learning functions as high level introduction to our work after which this training dives more into the actual ZDHC CMS Framework. If you would like to take a next step in your implementation journey and you have prior knowledge about CMS, we advise to register for our ZDHC CMS TIG training. Hands on practical training on how to efficiently implement a CMS.

For more information please go to the ZDHC Academy platform.