A Basic Training for Wastewater Management - Pilot

ZDHC Foundation launched the first ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines (Version 1.0) in 2016. As a living document. The discharge of wastewater containing hazardous chemicals could have a significant impact on the environment and human health.

Updates of Training Materials

The conclusion was that there is a need for uniform, global guidance pertaining to wastewater discharge quality, as well as testing, reporting and training, to enable a more sustainable industry. Since the inception of the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines, the ZDHC Academy has launched global unified training on Wastewater Management, Wastewater & Sludge Sample Collection. Based on the regular updates of the Guidelines the training is adapted to stay up to date with the developments of the document.The current ZDHC Wastewater Management training is covering the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines 2.1 and also includes Sludge management.

However, the basics of what Effluent Treatment actually is and which treatment types are available moved to the background. Therefore the ZDHC Academy decided together with the Competency Centers to reinstall Basic Wastewater Management Training. For beginners that wish to learn more about what wastewater treatment in our industry entails.

Rollout Timelines

As of Autumn 2023 the new training will be available at the ZDHC Academy and will be on offer via our Approved Training Providers with a clear guidance how the training relates to the current ZDHC Wastewater Management Training and the specific target group is aiming at training.

Call to Action

Are you interested in doing a pilot with this Basic ZDHC Wastewater Management training, supporting us with new updates to visuals, videos and more to optimise the content? Do let us know below and we will be happy to discuss.

Contact training@zdhc.org for more information