ZDHC & UNIDO’s Joint Effort in North Africa

Since 2020, ZDHC has collaborated with UNIDO as part of the SwitchMed Programme to implement capacity building projects for Sustainable Chemical Management Systems (CMS) in three North African countries: Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Project Scope & Updates

After the training phase, which included over 30 facilities spread over the three countries, 6 facilities were identified by UNIDO to participate in pilot projects during the implementation phase. The first case study, of a  project in Morocco, was just released by UNIDO. This provides further details on the implementation phase, as well as the impact on the facility. The case study is available in both French and English.

The kick-off of the scale-up phase began in February 2023, to include 15 additional facilities. The scale-up phase is focussed on achieving Level 1 of the ZDHC Supplier to Zero Programme. A per-facility gap analysis is being made in collaboration with the ZDHC Approved Training Provider Leadership & Sustainability. In addition, training courses on chemical management and wastewater management are planned for July and August 2023 to improve chemical- and wastewater management performance of the participating facilities. The scale-up phase will last until the end of 2023.

During ZDHC’s Impact Day 2023, a panel was held to discuss ZDHC and UNIDO’s joint effort on the implementation of this project.