ZDHC Wastewater Management Training 2023

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The course 'ZDHC Wastewater Management 2023' is a 1-day programme designed to improve your understanding of Wastewater Management.


The intended audience of this course are facilities' ETP managers and technicians, EHS manager, operational manager and chemical experts, who already have certain knowledge and/or operational background in chemical and environmental management in the textile, footwear and leather industry.

By enrolling for the course, you are signing up for the following topics listed in the overview:


    By enrolling for the course, you are signing up to a one day course containing five different parts:

    1. Introduction to ZDHC, including its mission, vision, approach and tools.
    2. Introduction to the latest ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines, including sampling and testing requirements.
    3. Change log explanations based on the changes in the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines. 
    4. Sampling Requirements on Accordance with the latest ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines for wastewater and sludge.
    5. Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan.
    6. Commonly Availble Wastewater Treatment Technology.
    7. Call for Action, including the use of the ZDHC Gateway Wastewater Module and Future Complementary Webinars.

    Upcoming Sessions

    In this section you will find the training sessions available globally.

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    All training providers are delivering the same ZDHC approved content for the face-to-face or online sessions. If you see more than one face-to-face or online session for this course, please choose the one most suitable for you (in terms of location, language, training provider etc).

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    If you see no courses, this means there are currently no courses available. Please send an email to training@zdhc.org so we can arrange a session, where appropriate.

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    Important Information:

    Only learners who have registered through this website will be allowed to attend the face-to-face or online sessions.

    Location City Date
    Ongoing NimkarTek E-Learning Courses 01 Apr 2023
    Ongoing Online Courses in Chinese, by NimkarTek NimkarTek中文在线课程 01 Jul 2023
    Bangladesh Online 28 Mar 2023
    Bangladesh Online 06 Apr 2023
    Bangladesh Dhaka 11 May 2023
    Bangladesh Dhaka 20 Jun 2023
    Italy Como 22 Jun 2023
    China (Mainland) Online 07 Apr 2023
    Italy Online 11 Jul 2023
    India Online 20 - 21 Apr 2023