Chemical Management for Leather Tanneries

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The course 'ZDHC Introduction Chemical Management for leather tanneries ' is a 2-day programme designed to improve your understanding of Chemical Management and the effects of hazardous chemical used in the leather industry.

This course is aimed at Factory Managers as well as chemicals and environmental responsible in the leather processing facilities – such as beamhouses, tanning, wet-end and finishing operation, or in other similar capacities. By enrolling for the course, you are signing up for the following topics listed in the overview:



By following this training, you will have:

  1. Reviewed together with your trainer the characteristics and harmful effects of hazardous chemicals used in leather production;
  2. Received general guidance on Chemical Management (including use, storage, transfer, treatment and disposal);
  3. Received recommendations on how to establish an effective Chemical Management System.
  4. Received more detailed information on hazards & chemical risks.
  5. Know more about ZDHC MRSL, Functions and Best practices of SDS, Chemical Labelling and Chemical Risk communication.
  6. Have learned more about Chemical use and Storage, Emergency response and PPE Selection.

Upcoming Sessions

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