ZDHC CMS TIG training

Course description and upcoming sessions

Your practical guidance training for ZDHC CMS TIG implementation

The training course 'ZDHC Chemical Management System Technical Industry Guide’ (ZDHC CMS TIG) is designed to further develop understanding of the CMS TIG Framework. It also provides practical guidance for the implementation of CMS TIG minimum requirements and best practices. 

The course is aimed at relevant personnel within suppliers’ organisations, as well as the auditors evaluating facilities for their CMS implementation. 

The ZDHC CMS TIG training and guide focus on harmonising requirements across Brands and Suppliers in the implementation of sustainable chemical management. The ZDHC CMS Technical Industry Guide (CMS TIG) provides the basis for this. Whether they are a tannery, dye-house, mill, printer, footwear assembly unit, or other kind of facility, Suppliers can tailor and implement their plans to meet the harmonised expectations. 

The course will be provided by ZDHC Accredited Training Providers (ATPs) and is a practical follow up to the ZDHC Introduction to Chemical Management training & ZDHC Top 10 Issues & Best practice training. It will include all nine (9) sections of the CMS TIG. Time spent on each section might differ and can be subject to the knowledge level of learners. We therefore kindly request that you check our calendar and contact the ATP for more information on the specific course. This will help to ensure it meets your expectations. 

The following topics are part of the ZDHC CMS TIG training curriculum:


1. Start of the CMS Journey - Preparation and Planning 

  • Chemical Management Policy
  • Chemical Management Strategy
  • Assessments (regulatory, chemical, supply chain, safer alternative

2. Build Up through Action - Implementation 

  • Health & Safety
  • Chemical Inventory 
  • Storage & Handling

3. Monitor and Accelarate - Review and Update

  • Output Management (wastewater, sludge, air emission, solid waste, process control)
  • Continuous Improvement

Learning objectives

Having followed this training, you will have learned how to:


  1. Create a policy document that outlines the commitment (statement) of the Supplier’s leadership and includes procedures and practices adopted for purchasing, transparency and traceability of chemicals used; 

  2. Transform that policy into strategy as part of implementing a chemical management system; 

  3. Conduct assessments of a supplier's regulatory compliance, chemical hazard and risk, supply chain partners’ capabilities and safer alternatives; 

  4. Implement health & safety actions for chemical exposure control, PPE and emergency response procedures for all staff; 

  5. Manage a Chemical Inventory List (CIL) and SDS to make informed purchasing decisions, promote responsible chemical use, increase traceability, simplify chemical handling decisions, and control disposal costs; 

  6. Ensure safe Storage and Handling procedures for chemicals purchased;

  7. Use tools to manage Output with respect to wastewater, sludge, air and solid waste outputs. This will reduce pollution and support Process Control to ensure proper implementation of a CMS through holding and controlling records and documents, incidence management, general maintenance and housekeeping. 

  8. work on Continuous Improvement practices such as conducting a CMS review, internal or external audits and improvements in identified areas, including onsite training. 


Please note: certificates for ZDHC Introduction to Chemical Management and ZDHC Top 10 Best Practices will serve as an indication for your prior gained knowledge of chemical management.

If you are not in possession of a prior ZDHC certificate, please do the pre-assessment of the ZDHC CMS TIG training. This will give you a good indication of your current chemical knowledge. 2. The pre assessment is offered to you after you register for the ZDHC CMS TIG course you are interested in, but before payment of the course.  Therefore you will feel confident that the course fits your needs before you start it! For more information on our ATPs, please visit our partner page here.

Upcoming session

In this section you will find the training sessions that are available globally.

Please note:

All training providers use the ZDHC CMS TIG as a basis for the content of their face-to-face or online training sessions. While the methodology and set up of a training may differ, all content is based on the same guiding document. ZDHC has set up quality requirements for the training sessions to secure an overall level of consistency (requirements can be found here). 

Please contact the ATP with any further questions on the methodology, training content or course fee and make sure to review any details provided by them on the description of the session. Please do not subscribe to more than one face-to-face and/or online session at a time. 

If more than one face-to-face or online session for this course is listed, please choose the one most suitable for you (in terms of location, language, training provider etc).

If the calendar shows that no courses are available at that particular moment, this means there are currently no courses planned by our ATPs. In this case, please send an email to training@zdhc.org so we can inform our trainers and support you in finding a solution.

After signing up, confirmation emails and reminders will automatically be sent to you (please also check your SPAM email). 

Important information:

Only learners who have registered through this website will be allowed to attend the face-to-face and/or online sessions. 



Location City Date
Ongoing Collaboration with NimkarTek Online 01 Jul 2023
Ongoing Online Courses in Chinese, by NimkarTek 01 Jul 2023
Italy Firenze 29 Mar 2023
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 14 - 15 Jun 2023
Italy Como 04 May 2023
China (Mainland) Online 12 May 2023
Italy Online 27 - 28 Sep 2023
Tunisia Online 06 - 07 Jun 2023
Online Online 29 May 2023