Top 10 Issues of Chemical Management

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Course Content

The target audience for this training is the chemical management team of the facility, e.g. EHS Managers, ETP Managers/Technicians, Product Quality Managers, Operations Managers, Chemical Experts, Purchasing Managers, Chemical Storage Managers. The learners have either completed the course Chemical Management in the Textile Industry, have proven knowledge or an operational background in chemical management in the textile, footwear and leather industry.

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By following this training, you will have:

  1. Reviewed together with your trainer 10 frequently identified issue areas when working towards a holistic and effective Chemical Management system.
  2. Reviewed non-recommendable practices in the 10 frequent issue areas and discuss the best practice solutions to these issues .
  3. Discussed practical case studies that serve as good examples in your day to day practices on the factory floor.
  4. Had the opportunity to discuss practical issues with your pears and exchanged ideas about tackling these issues.
  5. Had a good follow up on the previous Chemical Management Course by diving deeper into the 10 topics with practical support.

Upcoming Sessions

In this section you will find the training sessions available globally.

Please note:

All training providers are delivering the same ZDHC approved content for the face-to-face sessions. If you see more than one face-to-face session for this course, please choose the one most suitable for you (in terms of location, language, training provider etc).

Please check in the details the session fee before signing up. Please do not subscribe to more than one face-to-face sessions for any one course.

If you see no courses, this means there are currently no courses available. Please send an email to so we can arrange a session, where appropriate.

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Important Information:

Only learners who have registered through this website will be allowed to attend the face-to-face sessions.

Location City Date
Online Italian 18 - 19 Nov 2020
Bangladesh Dhaka 22 Oct 2020
Italy Como 23 Sep 2020
Online English 17 - 19 Aug 2020
Online English 06 - 08 Oct 2020
Online English 02 - 04 Nov 2020
Online English 07 - 09 Dec 2020
Online Chinese 22 - 24 Sep 2020
Online Chinese 16 - 18 Nov 2020
Online Chinese 19 - 21 Oct 2020
Online Chinese 15 - 17 Dec 2020
Online Turkish 24 - 26 Aug 2020
Online Turkish 12 - 14 Oct 2020
Online Turkish 09 - 11 Nov 2020
Online Turkish 21 - 23 Dec 2020
Online Italian 17 - 19 Nov 2020
Pakistan Lahore 11 Nov 2020
Pakistan Karachi 25 Nov 2020